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New website, new focus

We would be lying if we said that this new website wasn’t our absolute fave! We are officially done with paying “experts” to run and set up our site. We knew that we had a pretty tall order when it comes to our site, because well, it’s us, but what we have found out is that it’s EXTREMELY hard to find good quality sites that are actually “user-ish” friendly.

We wanted to shift our focus, something we have been literally debating for about 4 years about what to do, and it’s finally here. Our studio is now focusing on growing and expanding our Wedding Photography & Videography Team, while still offering a full service Portrait Studio, run by our associates when we’re in the heat of Wedding Season.

What does this mean? Well, you will still get the same great amazing quality, but a little bit more affordable and the best part, it’s completely edited by Bethany & Luc.

Before Grey Loft Studio, we were Bethany Amanda Photography

Let’s get back to the website and start at the beginning. Like most new businesses, we had no budget for a website, but we went on our friend Google and found a Toronto based company offering a smoking $600 deal to build and then $30 a month to host. We thought this was a crazy amount of money, but we bit the bullet and did it.

We had that site for nearly 3 years, it wasn’t fancy, it didn’t have any customizable features, but hey, it got us here today, so we are thankful to this baby website.

Flash forward to 2018 and by now we’ve done so much research about websites, SEO, Alt-text, etc. and so we decide that our baby website wasn’t working anymore and we wanted to move to a local company to help us grow. We started in position 42 on Google search. Yes, that’s right, number 42. We still don’t know anyone who scrolls on Google past page 2, but you get the need to make changes.

We were of course promised movement and at a $1500 a month for SEO and hosting we thought for sure we were in the best hands and we would finally get business from Google searches. A year later, still position 42, new leads on the website came from people in India trying to offer me more SEO help and viagra.

Lucky number 42

So, at this point, we decide that ok. Enough is enough, Luc (the techy that he is) learns the ever daunting life of WordPress. Oh boy, lot’s of want to throw the computer out the window moments, and we were starting to make head waves when this new shiny company offers us one of the irresistible offers. A new site, with a drag and drop platform that has ALL, and we mean all the bells and whistle’s. We trusted, we got burned, and we mean, we hated it from day one.

So now we are on the search for a new site, while still paying for the new site, and we come across Showit (thanks Jenna Kutcher). We are of course SUPER skeptical at this point, because why would we leave? We have a brand new site we hate, we sunk 5k into it, and now we’re about to create our own site? Oh, and it costs $300 a year.

Belle is born

A few late nights later, in the heart of our busy season, meet our Cadillac of websites, let’s call her Belle. She is easy to use, simple to navigate, and boy does she purr like a kitten whenever we ask her to move things and update things without all the hassle of what we have gone through in the past.

We are not sponsored, but hey, we would love to be! We are just believers that if it doesn’t work, then you better do it yourself, and damn we did!

P.S. Shoutout to Luc, he really did learn this all and taught me how to do it, and I am so thankful he did as now I don’t have to wait to make changes, I can do it myself.

hello lovely...

We are Grey Loft Studio

We are breaking the 9-5 golden handcuffs and diving right into the creative world, one creative session at a time.
We are a husband & wife team who specialize in wedding photography & videography services, based in Ottawa, ON, but we travel as often as our children allow us to! 

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