Baby Amelia Marie - Ottawa Newborn | greyloftstudio

Baby Amelia Marie – Ottawa Newborn

Baby Amelia Marie – Ottawa Newborn Photoshoot

May 30, 2017

Kevin and Marie are the nicest and sweetest couple and of course, sweet little Amelia was also quite a sweetheart. She had already had her Daddy wrapped around her finger, weighing 6pounds 13ounces, which was actually my birth weight as a newborn. From the very first contact with these two, we have had nothing but great conversations and wonderful sessions. I was pleased when Kevin mentioned that some of my baby whispering skills are still working for them, even a week or two after the session! I feel like its so important to show new parents, when I can, the little tricks you learn from becoming a parent, that you could never understand until you have a newborn to take care of. Your whole world changes and its no wonder, that any tips, tricks, or wisdom that I can pass on, I do it with an open and kind approach, as we are all learning.

I can’t wait to watch this sweet girl grow up!

Welcome to the world little girl, you are so loved.

Bethany xoxo

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