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Baby Girl – Ottawa Newborn

Ottawa Newborn Photoshoot with Baby Girl

May 25, 2017

This sweet little girl was so sweet and loved to cuddle so much that I wasn’t able to put her down for very long periods, which in itself is challenging, but we were able to grab a few super cute shots in between the upset times. I love meeting new parents because I am able to show them new ideas or tricks on what to do when baby, or parents are feeling a bit lost. I have often been called a baby whisperer, but I have to say, that sometimes it doesn’t always work out and that’s ok! Every baby is so unique, and this is not something that parents should get to caught up on. I find that the best sessions are the ones where we don’t have high expectations, because they are more relaxed. I can tell when parent’s are new because they never leave my side during a session, where as second or third time moms will have a nap in my ordering session room.

I love how all the colours in this session flow, and that they are deep and different, I find that I go through cycles like fashion does, I love some earthy tones, and I love the pastels at times, it really depends on the season!

I love working with new babies so much and I am so excited for everyone to see all the new babies as they arrive in the studio!

If you are looking to book a newborn session, don’t hesitate, as they do book up quickly! So many babies!, I wish I could photograph them all!

Bethany xoxo

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