Baby Oaklyn - Ottawa Newborn | greyloftstudio

Baby Oaklyn – Ottawa Newborn

Ottawa Newborn Photoshoot with Baby Oaklyn

November 1, 2016

I am very excited to introduce Baby Oaklyn, born a week early. She is 11 days old and she was born in Ottawa weighing nearly 14 pounds. She has 3 older brothers and is such a sweet heart. We were able to capture an array of beautiful photos. I was excited she just fit into all the props I had in my studio here in Stittsville and she looked so cute with her squishy cheeks. Mom and family are so in love with her already and even though Oaklyn’s Mom had 3 other larger newborns, she was measuring on point during her doctor’s visits. Oaklyn was very good at hiding herself and doctors were surprised when they put her on the scale weighing 13.12 pounds. She is the largest baby born in Ottawa in 2016 so far and I can’t wait to have her back in when she is 6 months and a year! I love photographing newborns, and the squishier the better! Congrats Langille Family on your new baby girl!

Bethany xox

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