Catherine Hull – Transformation Tribe Website – Modern Beach Headshots

July 13, 2017

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Catherine Hull – Transformation Tribe Website – Modern Beach Headshots

July 13, 2017

As many of you know I have decided to venture into this world as an entrepreneur and leave my golden handcuffs behind. I have never felt more free and scared in my entire life. This sense of power is scary but I knew that I had the best clients, friends, and family behind me supporting me the whole way. Part of this new adventure was reaching out to other amazing women in the area and networking with them and getting some of my creative juices flowing, and Catherine was eager for me to make the transition and jumped at the opportunity to capture some new photos for her new website, “Transformation Tribe” which will be launching in the fall. If you have not met Catherine, and I mean this so much, you need to make every effort to work, chat, and get involved in what she does. She beams with light and positivity and she made me feel like a rockstar and I was the one taking the photos!

I don’t even know how it was possible, but I left our session feeling elevated, empowered, and inspired that I had made the best decision.

Watching her live videos on her page and following her positivity are exactly what the doctor ordered for me and I am so grateful she chose me to work with her on this special project. As you can see by the photos, we had so much fun and we laughed, and laughed, until we captured everything and more. I wasn’t sure what to expect when she messaged me at 6am asking if I had a bow and arrow, but as you can tell, she is also very creative and extremely beautiful. When I mentioned she reminded me of my favourite childhood Disney character, Ariel, she said, “yeah, I get that a lot!”.

I wanted to get to know Catherine more and on a deeper level, because you can’t help but want to be her best friend, she is the perfect mix of cool, fun, smart, and spiritual that a best friend should have. I asked her a few questions below to understand and connect with Catherine, and I hope that you can reach out to her if you are ever feeling like you want that extra Self Care Empowerment.

Thanks Catherine, can’t wait till we meet again!

Bethany xoxo

1. What sparked you to pursue your passion and what is the best advice for those thinking of following the same path would you give?

For years I dealt with anxiety and fears around what others thought of me and had a major case of people pleasing. I didn’t know who I truly was and was overwhelmed with trying to be someone I wasn’t . In 2008, I was married with 2 children and not happy with myself or my life. I realized that i needed to make some changes and to follow what my heart was telling me. I went to see an energy healer and I began to feel lighter and clearer on which steps I needed to take. Over the next few years I continued to seek out the guidance and help of various Energy Healers and noticed how quickly things were shifting in my life. This path lead me to want to help others in this way and so I became certified and trained in several Energy Healing Modalities. Over the past few years I have had the incredible honour of helping so many people learn to listen to their own heart and let go of the heaviness and burdens that are keeping them stuck in their lives. And many of these people are women who are seeking a way to help others and discover their soul purpose here. I often speak about the heart being your compass and give people the advice to follow their heart because it is the way to actualizing all of your potential and realizing your dreams.

2. What, if any, would be 5 things you could not live without?

My angels & guides, using my heart as my compass, freedom to create new projects and possibilities, love, and self-discovery books.

3. What keeps you motivated on days where it seems that things aren’t going as planned?

My self-care practice of going inward and asking what my body, mind, and soul require is what keeps me going when challenges arise. When I find that I am fighting or resisting and its being shown to me in my outward circumstances, I let go of the attachment to how things are turning out and I take care of me. I realize that being present and grounded in who I am is the strongest healer of overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. I remind myself that there is a lesson in every situation and I look for that lesson.

4. Can you tell me more about what these photos mean to you with regards to “power,” “women,” “empowering,” and “forward arrow”?

These photos mean a great deal to me because they are a representation of women coming together to heal past wounds and move forward like the arrow with precision, focus, and empowerment so that they can actualize their potential as natural healers and contributors to this world. I believe that women are strong, powerful, and incredibly intuitive and have everything they need within them to live the life they deserve and desire. When women come together with a heartset of empowerment and appreciation they form a “Transformation Tribe” of healing, wellness, and abundance, and joy.

5. Can you tell me more about your plans you may have coming up and some of your retreats you have planned in the summer and fall!?

I am thrilled to be offering some great retreats and workshops to help women invite more ease and joy into their lives and realize their potential. I am hosting the Simply Be You Summer Retreat at Casselodge Retreat Centre from August 11-13. There are still a few spots left and a fantastic early bird price!
I also have a retreat that I host once per year in the beautiful Costa Rica called the Empower ME Women’s Retreat. Its a 7-Day experience of self-care, sisterhood, and transformation in the gorgeous surroundings of one of the world’s most beautiful places. The dates are from January 27-Feb3 2018. And, If you’re looking for some great self-care tools to help you invite more ease, joy, and peace into your life in as little as 10 minutes per day I have an Free 7-Day Self-Care Challenge for you! You can find it here.

And for more info on the above mentioned retreats and workshops go here.

Catherine Hull
Energy Healer ~ Self-Care & Empowerment Coach www.selfcareempowerment.com
Creator of the ME-treat ~ FREE 7-Day @home Retreat for Body, Mind, & Soul
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