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Engagement Session in Downtown Ottawa

Engagement Session – Downtown Ottawa

June 9th, 2019

Downtown Engagement sessions have got to be at the top of the list when I suggest a spot to couples. Not only is it diverse with all the beautiful buildings, but it’s just filled with people and it makes for some really genuine moments between my couples. I know all the hot spots, but you better be wearing comfortable shoes, because I plan to keep you moving around the sites. I always love to end the sessions as well with a drink on a patio, because this momma rarely gets a night out, so I need to take full advantage!

Time to get down to business

I love engagement sessions because it’s really the best way to get to know your clients, especially since the last time we would have been meeting about booking us. I am at heart, a people person, and I get really invested in my clients. No matter what I want them to be truly happy so that I can document it in a way that shows them in the same light that everyone around them sees. I pull out lots of tricks but really tell the clients that they cannot just simply stand still, this never creates true genuine moments.

Try not to be too embarrassed

Being in the public eye can be hard even for the most eccentric people, but when you have shyer couples, this can be about a 10 to 15 mins of pure giddiness with embarrassment, but let me tell you, the best photos come from going out of your comfort zone. I also kind of like to tease the guys about this, well, at least I teased Warren. I think that means you enjoy that person’s company if you tease them, or so the saying goes!  You wouldn’t know that he was embarrassed at all in his pictures because he brought his “A” game and really went for everything I asked him to. I tend to laugh a lot during sessions, but Amber and Warren had me in stitches.

Taking in all the views

Warren was completely enamored with our beautiful city of Ottawa and would say over and over how they should make more of an effort to come downtown more often. I can also agree that coming to the downtown area and exploring is truly fun for a date night, or even with the children, but make sure to plan out what and where you want to go to make the most of your trek from the “burbs”.


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