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Erin Junker – Modern Headshots

Erin Junker – The Happy Sleep Company – Modern Headshots

August 28, 2017

I recently got together with Erin Junker at a local coffee shop here in Stittsville, “Quitter’s Coffee” and we discussed all things mom talk about, our kids! Oh, and we did talk a little about our business’s and sleep. Erin Junker is the owner of The Happy Sleep Company located here in Ottawa. Wishing seconds of meeting Erin, I could see us being friends. She is so approachable, friendly, and absolutely amazing to talk to.

I was very impressed with how well we got along in such a short time, it really is nice to meet other hard working moms who are hustling each and every day! Erin is extremely passionate and completely dedicated to her work and she really has a good handle on her business and the way it runs like a well oiled machine, so fitting that we chatted right after quitting my job. Erin believes in healthy sleep goes hand in hand with happy families and I think this is very true. I for one am not a morning person, luckily Luc is. I am more of a night owl.

I can stay up till 2am and not even flinch, but let me sleep in, or else get me an extra large coffee and don’t talk to me for an hour upon waking up! Gosh, I sound so grumpy, but having children forces you to be a bit of a morning person. Nothing like a screaming child to make you run out of bed all because they lost their favourite toy beside them under the blanket. If you or someone you know is complaining about lack of sleep, I highly recommend you reach out to Erin. She even offer’s 20 minute consultations free and she is able to do them virtually or in person, which is pretty amazing. I personally would prefer in person, but that could be just me. Check out her latest stuff here on her blog.

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