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Krista Murphy – Wishtree Invites

Krista Murphy – Wish Tree – Ottawa Headshots

September 14, 2017

I seem to have been following Krista from Wishtree Invites for a long time online when I decided to reach out to her and I am so glad I did, because little did I know, we had already met, years back during my Ultimate Frisbee days! Krista and her husband Ryan played against us and my Fiancé Luc, subbed for them on occasion after we randomly ran into their team practicing while we were walking our dogs in our new neighbourhood. Mind you this was pre-baby days, where I was exercising as much as possible and loved everything fitness. I still long for the drive to be super fit but know that until my life finds balance it’s hard to focus as much on anything fully!

Krista happens to live about 4 minutes from where I drop my son off for daycare, so when she and I decided to book this fun ‘play’ session with coffee, of course, I was delighted I didn’t have to drive across the city, bonus! Not only does Krista have an ambience about her that screams super cool and chic, she truly is so real, and I am so envious of her many talents. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about taking and editing the photos, as I don’t always work with other professionals in the industry who know the tools I use, and of course I am my own hardest critic when it comes to the quality of my photos. So I chickened out, and I met with Krista again to make sure that I had her vision, but my style in check, so that I could provide her with some classic and beautiful imagery for her website and social media marketing. Sometimes its ok to admit that you are not sure and nervous about things, because after all, we are all human! Of course I should say we should never doubt ourselves, but we all do it.

I encourage you to get in touch with Krista here, and get to know her, because I know and guarantee you will love her level of professionalism, humour, and just her take on life. She is insanely talented and so creative. She really thinks outside the box and challenges you to look at things in a unique way, so to challenge you and herself to try new things, break rules, and test boundaries without the feeling of uncertainty or inability.

After our chat’s it is so clear that Krista and I will for sure be friends, because you can’t let a good fish like that back in the water. I am so grateful to have met another cool mom entrepreneur like myself that I can bounce ideas off of, while complaining about how amazing and hard it is to ‘mom’. Here’s to many more days of bailey’s in our coffee and smiles on our tired faces.

Bethany xoxo

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