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Ottawa Photo Shoot With Love Chelsea

Ottawa Photo Shoot With Love Chelsea

August 2, 2017

When I first started spamming Instagram I came across Chelsea and her keeping it real commitment online and I instantly fell in love. I follow everything that she does and love that she expresses anything and everything, and of course, we are almost always going through or have gone through the same things.

If you haven’t met Chelsea then I highly suggest you take the time to go for coffee with her. Her kind heart, bubbly personality, and just real positive outlook on life is what draws you in. I have never felt so close to someone that I barely knew (or social media knew) in such a short time. We had a blast just kicking it for fun during our session and we captured her personality, her beauty, and her realness all in one.

I personally love how she started to do a jig in the middle of our session and still managed to have a perfect smile and composure. My dance moves are not that smooth and I would look way off! Please enjoy reading her blog and following her on Instagram, I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Bethany xoxo

1. Talk to me about your blog and what inspires you to be so real about everyday life. Do you ever find it hard to divulge?

My blog is about everyday parenting, the good, bad & ugly. It started when I had a miscarriage and immediately felt shame around it- that blog post linked here. I felt alone and scared in trying again. Writing is what soothed my soul. I’m real because that’s what I want to read, and I’m a big believer in walking the walk and talking the talk. I get inspiration from everything, news clips, facebook comments, friends – anyone and anything! Sometimes I do find it hard to indulge; I constantly strive to offer a different view, and sometimes I feel like sharing the #realstuff is becoming a buzzword.

2. What do you love most about what you do?

Without even thinking about it, the connections. I have an absolute passion to create a safe and fun environment for everyone and I think that’s what my blog offers.

3. What motivates you each day to keep it real?

People thanking me for keeping it real! One message fills me up forever! So keep those messages coming- I love reading them. And when I get caught up, I re-read some of my own blogs to remind me that these can make an impact and to not get caught up in ‘looking good’. I also love a good tedx talk or anything by Brene Brown – here’s a short clip of one I continually watch over and over.

4. What are some of topics you find challenging and what do you do to overcome them?

Topics I know are controversial in parenting (isn’t everything?) I want to share my opinion but also allow an environment for everyone to feel like they viewpoint is awesome! It’s a fine balance between opinion and judgement. Breastfeeding v. Formula, Crib v. Co Sleeping, Sleep Training, Screen Time…I could go on and on!

5. Talk to me about something you would like to do next?

I would love to start a podcast! It’s a big goal of mine. I don’t just have a passion about parenting, but anything to lift people up, connect others, shine a light on people, and encourage everyone to live their biggest life possible.
I’m putting it out there!

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