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Sandrine & Brian – Magnolia Engagement Photos Arboretum

Sandrine & Brian

May 21st, 2019

The first engagement session of 2019 with Sandrine, Brian, & Sam at the Magnolia Blossom section of the Arboretum.  The sun finally decided to make an appearance and give us a sweet sunset, just as we were starting to doubt that she would ever give us that golden hour glow. It feels like this season has been especially tough for the blooms, clients, and us! Trying to organize when they will bloom is presenting a bit more challenging this year, and I know as soon as they do, every photographer and iPhone photographer will be out trying to catch these beauties for the short week that they arrive.

Lucky for us, we decided to go ahead, and mother nature did not disappoint. We started out at the Tropical Greenhouses near the experimental farm because let’s face it, no matter what the weather this place is amazing for portraits any time of the year. Then we toured over to the Arboretum, which I have ventured around it quite a bit, but Sandrine, Brian, and Sam had never been before.

Time to get to know one another

Getting to know new clients is always so interesting to me, of course I know them a bit from the initial consultation, but now I get to see a side of them that hopefully gets them out of their comfort zone, and into mine, capturing their love story, which ultimately is what they hired me to do. When I first get my camera out, I always ask clients to not hold back, and what I mean by that is I want them to just go for whatever silly things they may or may not do, bring out all the cheesiness, the loving & nose curling laughs, the belly hurting kind, because that is what gives me the good shots. I don’t photograph statues that well.

Even though I know Sandrine really wanted cherry blossoms, I think she was overall happy with the way the Magnolia Engagement Session turned out!

Now, little did I know, but Sandrine and Brian are into Couples Acro Yoga, which I had to google, and I found this great date night version for anyone looking to try something fun and new with your partner. What is great about this, is as soon as I said, “piggybacks & lifts” are my thing… they said they were up to the “dirty dancing” challenge. Now I have no idea if my liability covers this, but I said let’s do it, and excitedly giggled.

Just a dog with his good looks & charm

But my heart has to go out to Sam, for this sweet little pup had me wrapped around him, complete with the greenery crown his momma made, I couldn’t ask for a cuter boy to photograph.

We are so pumped about their May 2020 wedding at Stonefields in the new Chapel, if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out!


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