About Grey Loft Studio

Hi there!
We're Bethany & Luc Barrette

We're a husband & wife team. Leaving our government jobs was the best decision we ever made. Building a life we love with our 3 children is what we're most proud of.

We love to laugh, have fun, and we light up whenever we have a camera in our hands. Creating a custom experience that our clients truly deserve.


Luc got Bethany a camera when their first son was born. Bethany started taking photos of him and one thing led to another....

It feels like so long ago when we first picked up a camera and decided to start our business. It's an understatement to say we LOVE what we do. Bethany's background in customer service and sales mixed with Luc's history of administrative government positions gives us the ability to provide the best experience for all our clients. Our goal is to enhance your wedding day... we don't just provide beautiful photos and videos, we give an experience you'll never forget!

Hello! How you doin'?

Starting a business, raising kids, buying our dream home. Talk about doing it all.

We've built an incredible team who is ready and committed to be everywhere you need us to be. It's more than being photographer's and videographers. We're the experts who can guide you through your day effortlessly. Relax knowing you'll be able to get the right balance between enjoying the day & still capturing all the important parts.

We aren't shy to fix stray hairs, straighten a tie, or get our parent voices out whenever anyone steps out of line. We promise to keep it light, fun, and everyone looking amazing.

Joining our Grey Loft Family should be the easiest decision you'll have to make while planning your wedding. We're simply not just your creative team, were family. Our team is plays a huge role on your wedding day and the memories you'll cherish forever.


Bethany and Luc are the creators of Grey Loft Studio, specializing in Wedding Photography & Videography.

We are known for bringing organization to your wedding day. We add so much fun your cheeks will hurt! That's a promise!




Hot sauce makes everything better & it's the only gift Luc truly loves other than golf.


Bethany can't whistle or dive. Never been able to. Probably never will. #secretshame


Our favourite movie is Cone Heads and quote it on the regular. #mebs


We wouldn't be where we are without our 3 kids... they light up our lives.

Your at-a-glance guide to where we stand on all the truly important things.

Favourite indulgence

Dark Chocolate (Bethany) & Starburst Minis (Luc)

celeb We'd love to meet

Channing Tatum (Bethany) & Keanu Reeves (Luc)

Guilty pleasure

Chillin in the hot tub (both)

alternate universe job:

Interior Designer (Bethany) & Pro Gamer (Luc)

favourite place We've been:

Amalfi Coast of Italy

drink of choice

White Beer (Bethany) & Sours (Luc)

can't live without

Popcorn (Bethany) & AirPods (Luc)

usually craving

Sushi (both)

beach vs mountains

Beach, always the beach

favourite show to binge

Handmaid's Tale (Bethany) & Brooklyn 99 (Luc)


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