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The special art of story telling is one that I have grown to admire and I strongly believe that with enough wine, coffee, and determination you can achieve anything, even with 3 children. That is why I started this podcast to prove not only to myself, but to others that nothing is impossible. You got this and I'm here to remind you to keep on pushing. It's worth it!

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Starting an Invitation & Design Business

We needed Krista to talk to us about Starting an Invitation & Design Business with her expert skills. Not only is Krista an incredible person, but she's also a mom of two and works full-time. How she keeps everything going is a skill we all needed to know and I'm honoured to call her a friend. We've collaborated more than 30 times than I can count and she continues to floor myself and the industry with her creativity. 


If you’re planning a wedding you’ll want to reach out to Erica, she’s what I call the Executive Wedding Planner on the go. She’s always organized and knows how things are going to play out. Managing a busy household and a full planning business is something that I truly admire about Erica.  Sharing her story was one of the first ideas I. had for my podcast! 

Executive Wedding Planner on the Go

I know you’ve probably heard this a million times, but I am going to say it again. Stop feeling guilt for the things that you aren’t doing and start appreciating the things you ARE doing. Other entrepreneurs aren’t feeling like they are doing enough, especially when they see, what seems like EVERYONE else doing ALL the THINGS!

Feeling Guilt about what you AREN'T doing in your Business?

Hi, I'm Bethany Barrette.

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and I am super proud to call myself Canadian. I started my business with a Costco Camera and didn't even think I could do it full-time until someone almost tricked me into believing I could. 

I'M A sales GIRL AT HEART, but building my business keeps me up at night because i'm so darn excited. I'M OBSESSED WITH chasing my next big dream, making my business run without me, and chasing my 3 children. i'm a pizza-holic and couldn't live without my hot tub. 

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