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Building a Business that’s Fulfilling

Building a Business thats Fulfilling - Brodie O'Connor from Doree's Habit and Blondie Apparel is on the Path to Business Podcast sharing her story


Building a Business that’s fulfilling is what most business owners aspire to do. Brodie O’Connor from Doree’s Habit & Blondie Apparel joined me on the podcast to chat all about her story. She calls herself a “serial entrepreneur” and loves to dive deep into her businesses. Growing up she thrived while helping her parents run a local store and of course had lots of courage to do it herself. I think that entrepreneurs breathe that mentality and spirit into their children without even realizing it. This episode is filled with little goodies about opening up a store, or two. Building relationships has been a major factor in her success.

Visiting Almonte for the first time

Reminiscing about the first time I went into Dorees. I was doing a little visit of Almonte for a potential photoshoot and instantly fell in love with the vibe, the clothing, and the unique pieces. Growing up and having a family who loves to shop for clothes is engrained in me. The problem was that they always went for quantity over quality. As I have gotten older my mentality around this has shifted, slightly! Since I am a woman who’s been from size 2 to size 14 over the years it’s been a love-hate relationship at times. Luc will always ask me if I was nice to my clothes as I toss them on the floor when they don’t fit the way I want!

Building a Business that’s Fulfilling

You may be wondering what that even means. Whenever I think about my business I think it has to fulfill a couple of things. Your business needs to light a spark under you. That motivation and continuation especially when things WILL get tough is so important. Seeing the fruit of your labour and sometimes that comes in small forms or big ones. In the creative market perhaps getting a big commercial contract or wholesale opportunity with a larger store. These goals that seem impossible someday happen and come into fruition with dedication and keeping the business’ heart true.

To reach Brodie or purchase from this amazing woman:
Doree’s Habit | local clothing & accessories shop

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