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Cherry Blossoms in Carp

Cherry Blossoms in Carp are yet another reason why we are so happy we bought our dream home. Not only do we have the most beautiful 2-acre property with lots of room to grow our family in, but we have access to some pretty amazing photo spots only a stone’s throw away from it! 

It’s no secret that we like to walk the 2.2 kilometers around our block (yes this block is huge) but we have some of the most amazing neighbours. When we first moved in we met some amazing friends and one of them just so happened to have a property lined with full-grown cherry trees. She also has a beautiful buttery yellow house with a wrap-around porch. The sun sets just past the trees in the most perfect spot, it’s truly a photographer’s dream. Well, at least it’s what I see in my dreams!

What Engagement Session Dreams are made of

Beautiful light, plush blooms, and exclusivity are right up my alley. I was sad when last year the blooms weren’t so great. This year I wasn’t sure if they would be good with the late spring so I only scheduled a few sessions around this time. These bloomed 2 weeks after all the other blossoms finished across the city!

As you can see Elizabeth & Anthony had the perfect night for these beauties to appear on our site. We have done so many cherry blossom sessions in the past but usually, we spend about 90% of the time in one spot and we are having to edit out so many people. If you ever want to meet other photographers, take a tour around when these beauties come out! 

Making things happen in 2019

Elizabeth & Anthony were only engaged just this year and they hired us for their wedding this August! They are planning a wedding that sounds so unique and special to them. Cherry Blossoms in Carp is a fun and unique way to capture your engagement photos!

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