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Maternity Photography

There are a few truly life-changing events in a person’s life, events that dwarf all of those little everyday experiences. Marriage is one of them. Purchasing a home is another. And for many people, one of the most profound of those events is becoming a parent.

Everyone wants to shoot plenty of baby photos, but what about maternity photos? They’re important too! Newborn photos are sort of a given. Newborns grow fast, and if you don’t get those pictures in the first few weeks, you can’t ever go back. But what about the months before that little person is born? Like the newborn period, pregnancy is only a small part of the parenthood experience, and once it’s over, you can’t go back.

Pregnancy can be a sort of love-hate thing. Many women love being pregnant and want to remember the experience—many other women don’t love being pregnant at all and avoid cameras like swarms of mosquitos. As photographers, we understand the profound importance of having a photographic history of that time in your life.

Photos are a great way to remember pregnancy, which is a very special yet brief time in a woman’s life. But with maternity photos, in particular, you need to have a practised approach and some sensitivity to your subject. We take special care as maternity photographers because we know exactly how to flatter a pregnant body—we instinctively know which camera angles to use and which poses looked best. Not only will your maternity photos look great, but you will feel like a movie star.


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