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Ana Brandt and her Path to Business


Ana Brandt and her Path to Business – Episode number 30 of the Path to Business Podcast – Ana tells the story of how she started! On episode 30 of Path To Business, we’re chatting with Ana Brandt. A newborn and maternity photographer based in California. It was so wonderful getting the chance to speak with her. And getting to learn about her success. Her story and drive absolutely inspires me! I highly recommend checking out her work if you haven’t already. She’s a successful full time photographer with her own studio. Being a full time photographer and a mom is hard work. However, her passion guided her to where she is today!

How Her Story Began

Her story is like most full time photographers. We usually start this as a hobby. We then take the jump to quit and go full force. Ana was working as a web designer. After a few years, Ana quit her job to become a full time photographer. We all love a challenge and doing something we’re passionate about. It’s hard to find the spark and push to do it, but once you do, it’s so worth it.

Ana never thought about the equipment. She had a single camera and lens from E-Bay. Sure it was used, but she nailed how to use that camera! Her drive and passion pushed her to always be taking photos. Early in her career you’d catch her with a camera in her hands. No matter where she was, or what she was doing. Ana did model calls to get the experience. Putting herself out there really started her business’s success. Being in the business for over 20 years means older technology. From bringing an actual printed portfolio to darkrooms – Ana’s experienced it all!

From The Beginning

She would shoot anywhere anytime. Ana had no lights, with one camera and one lens from E-bay. She just grew and had no intentions of even having a studio. After doing newborn photography in a small apartment, she now owns a very successful business and studio. Becoming a maternity and newborn photographer just sort of happened. She quickly found out which area of photography she wanted to focus on. Ana just wanted to work hard. Just make it work, even after having with 2 babies she was determined to be there for her kids, as well as pursue her passion. 

Don’t be Afraid to do something Different

Ana’s all about changing it up. She loves to do things differently with no repeats.  “I look at myself as someone who gets bored very easily.” On the podcast she said she sold out of her unicorn sessions. Which was the first time she ever offered this. It goes to show you that if you do good work, people will show up, as well as support you.

Ana’s Tips To Starting Your Business

Know your gear! Above all, its important to know your gear, even if it’s used and old. Be confident in what you are doing and what you’re using. If you don’t know something, learn it! Be sure to write it down, make a list, then learn how to do it. Learn to perfect your art.

Be consistent in what you’re doing. Post a video every week, or send a newsletter every month. You just need to be consistent. In any career you have to show up for yourself. It’s better to be consistent than force something you hate. Like writing newsletters or posting a video. It doesn’t even have to be the best content ever. Creating content is key.

Give yourself a break. Just breathe. Your success will happen, and you will continue to learn and grow. Don’t beat yourself up, be confident. She said you need to cheer yourself up. You need to be your own champion. I got this, I’m amazing! Surround yourself with people who lift you up and not tear you down. Be kind to yourself in the process.

From having dinner at Anne Geddes’ house to teaching on stage internationally – she is unstoppable!

Be sure to check out Ana’s beautiful work here.

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