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Answering Questions from Our Viewers

Answering questions from our Viewers

February 25, 2024

Grey Loft Studio
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Path to Business Podcast: Episode #61 – Answering Questions from Our Viewers by Bethany and Luc Barrette from Grey Loft Studio, a wedding photographer & videographer husband and wife duo.


On today’s episode we dive into some questions we received from our listeners. It was great to be able to talk about things that they want to know! We talk about the importance of tagging vendors, what it’s like working with your spouse, being professional, and investing in ourselves. It’s a fun little episode and we hope to do more like these. If you have questions you’d like us to discuss get in touch with us via email! We would love to chat!

Tagging Vendors: A Balancing Act

One common question that wedding professionals face is how to approach tagging vendors in posts on social media platforms. With multiple collaborators involved in creating a wedding, deciding whom to tag can be a complex decision. While some prioritize tagging the couple, venue, and key vendors, others opt to tag all parties involved to ensure comprehensive credit.

The consensus among many professionals is the importance of acknowledging the contributions of vendors and collaborators. Tagging not only provides recognition but also facilitates the sharing of content within professional networks, ultimately benefiting everyone involved. However, it’s essential to be mindful of respecting privacy preferences, as some couples may prefer not to have their wedding photos shared publicly.

Working with a Spouse: Challenges and Rewards

For couples who work together in the wedding industry, balancing personal and professional dynamics can present unique challenges. However, many find that the shared experience fosters a deeper understanding and synergy in their work. Communication, mutual respect, and a shared vision are key factors in navigating the intricacies of working alongside a spouse.

While disagreements may arise, use these challenges as opportunities for growth can strengthen both the relationship and the business. By leveraging each other’s strengths and maintaining alignment on overarching goals, couples can create a cohesive and successful partnership.

Professional Attire: Reflecting Brand Identity with Elegance

The question of appropriate attire for wedding vendors often sparks discussions about professionalism and personal expression. While adhering to certain standards is important, such as avoiding overly casual attire for religious ceremonies, there is also room for individual style and expression.

Many professionals emphasize the importance of dressing in a manner that reflects both professionalism and personal identity. Whether opting for classic attire or incorporating elements of personal style, the key is to strike a balance that conveys respect for the occasion while remaining authentic to oneself.

Priorities During the Off-Season: Investing in Growth and Reflection

During the off-season, wedding vendors have the opportunity to focus on tasks that may be overlooked during peak times. Updating social media profiles, reviewing contracts, and conducting styled shoots are among the priorities that professionals often address during this period.

Moreover, the off-season provides an ideal opportunity for self-reflection and refinement of business practices. From gender-neutral language in communication to streamlining internal processes, investing in continuous improvement ensures that vendors are well-prepared for the upcoming wedding season.

The wedding industry presents a myriad of challenges and opportunities for professionals. By navigating the complexities of tagging vendors, working harmoniously with spouses, maintaining professionalism in attire, and investing in growth during the off-season, wedding professionals can create memorable experiences for couples while fostering their own success and fulfillment in the industry.

Watch the full episode on our Youtube.

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