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Easter Mini Session

Easter Mini Session at Grey Loft Studio who is a Family Photographer in Ottawa. This year, document your little one(s) gathering Easter eggs in and around the wooden bunnies. Watch as they light up once they have collected all the magical eggs. Capture all the little smiles and giggles for memories that you will cherish for years to come.

What you need to know for your Easter Mini Session.

Grey Loft Studio has an increase in demand at certain times of the year, with Spring being very popular. Easter Mini Sessions help accommodate more families since the sessions are shorter and booked one after another.

They are good for those families that want updated family photos but don’t necessarily need or want to spend too much time required with a full photography session. Our easter mini sessions also make it easier for those who groan when they hear the word “family photos”. 15-20 minutes for a photoshoot, no problem!! 

What should we wear to the session?

Best tip… the kids should be comfortable in whatever it is you pick! Have a patterned dress that you find cute for your girl? Great, take colours from within the pattern, and bring those colours into your family members’ outfits. Layers and textures look great and accessories are also good for adding little splashes of colour. Your family doesn’t have to be too matchy-matchy to produce a great photo! Instead, just choose a basic colour palette and go from there! 

Need a little help and inspiration when planning outfits for your easter mini session? We’d like to say that we have become a great resource but truthfully, we sometimes refer our clients to Pinterest.

When should we arrive?

Because we book these Easter Mini Sessions back-to-back, there is no wiggle room. If you are running late we, unfortunately, cannot give you extra time during your session since it would push back each session following. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early, that way we can be sure to get all the photos you were hoping for your beautiful family!

How do I schedule a different type of session?

We list all of our different session types on our website. You can visit the Studio Portrait page here. If you have any questions about booking a session with us, please feel free to email us at info@greyloftstudio.ca.

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