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Starting an Invitation & Design Business

Starting an Invitation and Design Business - Krista Murphy - WishTree Invitations and Design

Path to Business Podcast - Bethany Barrette from Grey Loft Studio chats with Krista about building an Invitation and Design Business.


We needed Krista to talk to us about Starting an Invitation & Design Business with her expert skills. Not only is Krista an incredible person, but she’s also a mom of two and works full-time. How she keeps everything going is a skill we all needed to know and I’m honoured to call her a friend. We’ve collaborated more than 30 times than I can count and she continues to floor myself and the industry with her creativity.

Friendors (friends that are in the industry)

Funny story is that I actually met Krista and her husband years ago when her team used to whoop my pickup teams butt at Ultimate Frisbee. This was, of course, pre-children and when we had time for sports and friends. After a night at The Rising Tide Society where she brought her newborn, I knew I needed to meet her. Having started my business while raising a tiny human, anyone who could do both was superheroes to me.

A quick DM on Instagram, Krista kindly entertained me doing some fun branding photos of her and we, of course, hit it off. We laughed, added baileys to our coffees, and we met bi-weekly to chat all things business. It was a huge advantage for me in my business because she knew everyone and introduced me to all the people. To this day I am so thankful that she said YES!

Word of Mouth vs. Collaboration

If you haven’t worked with Krista yet, you’ll need to get in touch with her ASAP! Something that Krista does very well is to collaborate. She’s always getting involved in really unique inspiring projects. She’s truly got her fingers on the pulse of the wedding industry in Ottawa and even taking Toronto by storm. Her way of creating unique designs and she can take a concept and trust her to run with it, always turns out beautifully. And by run I mean she literally knocks it out of the park, going above and beyond what clients (check out her design work for this client) or other vendors could have even imagined.

Growing a successful business means that you’ll need to grow in all kinds of ways both personally and professionally. Through collaboration Krista has been able to grow her business and therefore her word of mouth business grew at the same time. Word of mouth is always usually the best way to do business, but Krista has been able to do both in a way that pays off time after time.

Starting an Invitation and Design Business

Working with Krista is like hanging out with your bestie doing what you both love, you know that feeling. We hand down recommend her to everyone we know because of her high attention to detail. What most people don’t know about Krista is that she’s a giver and wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s extremely kind and thoughtful, almost too a fault. Often refers to herself as being extremely busy and balancing the line of working too hard and finding difficulties saying no.

As entrepreneurs, it can be hard to shift the mentality of saying no. When you start your business it’s almost a feast or famine mentality and so you do everything yourself. Krista has grown, not only her family but her business she still somehow manages to work full-time when we all want her on team “full-time” with us!

Investing in good design up front

If there is something that I know most business’ regret doing is investing in a good design upfront. Starting an Invitation and Design business is just like any other business. Have you ever been to a business site and thought whoa! Website or presence on social is non-existent or confusing? Investing in quality design, not just a logo, is where you start. We are proud to say that Grey Loft Studio is courtesy of Krista and her patience.

Want more information about Krista? Check her website HERE.

Starting an Invitation and Design Business - Krista Murphy - WishTree Invitations and Design

Path to Business Podcast - Bethany Barrette from Grey Loft Studio chats with Krista about building an Invitation and Design Business.

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