Ottawa Engagement Session Package

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1 Hour Session
One Photographer

What's Included

+ ONE Photographer

+ 1 hour of coverage



+ online gallery

Package Description

An engagement photo session is more than just a chance to capture beautiful images; it's an experience filled with numerous benefits. These sessions freeze moments in time, providing cherished memories that you'll look back on fondly for years to come. Additionally, they offer an opportunity to become comfortable in front of the camera, allowing you to relax and enjoy the process before your wedding day. It's practice but without all the pressure!

What to Expect

"Bethany and Luc, along with their Grey Loft team, made our entire wedding process absolutely seamless! From the moment we met them at the Ottawa Wedding Show, we knew we could trust them with capturing our wedding day.

Their professionalism, generosity, kindness, timeliness and talent were always evident in our interactions. They guided us through planning, supported us when we postponed our wedding during the pandemic, and kept up with all the craziness on the big day.
They were always prepared with recommendations to help us feel comfortable in front of the camera!

The pictures and video they took truly captured the best moments of our big day. We have only positive things to say about our experience with Grey Loft, and have highly recommended them to everyone we know! Their experience and quality shine through everything they do. On a day where everything moves so quickly, Grey Loft Studio is always two steps ahead to keep things on track. Thank you Bethany and Luc!"

- Megan O'Neill

The photos from your session can be used for personalized save-the-date cards, invitations, or as decorations at your wedding. Beyond the practicalities, engagement sessions provide quality time for you and your partner to connect amidst the busyness of wedding planning. They also help establish a connection with your photographer, ensuring they understand your style and preferences. Furthermore, these sessions serve as a trial for hair, makeup, and outfits, allowing you to perfect your look for the big day.

Exploring meaningful or picturesque locations during your session adds another layer of significance to the experience, creating lasting memories together. Overall, an engagement photo session is a celebration of love, a chance to create lasting memories, and a fun experience to share with your partner.

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