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Pärla Hair – Queen of the Perky Pony

Parla Hair - Path to Business Podcast

February 12, 2024

Grey Loft Studio
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Path to Business Podcast: Episode #49 – Kira from Pärla Hair joins Bethany and Luc Barrette from Grey Loft Studio, a wedding photographer & videographer husband and wife duo to chat all about her Path in her business.


We have the pleasure of delving into the fascinating path of Kira, also known as the Queen of the Perky Pony, Bridal Hair Stylist in the wedding industry. From her humble beginnings to her current success, Kira’s story is one of determination, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s explore her journey step by step.

Discovering Passion in Adversity

Kira’s journey into the wedding industry began with a moment of realization. Despite struggling with debt and feeling stuck in a job she wasn’t passionate about, Kira took a bold step by booking a one-way ticket to Thailand. This decision marked the beginning of her quest to find herself and pursue her true passion.

From Pärla Hair to Bridal Hair Club

Upon returning from her transformative journey, Kira decided to take control of her destiny. She founded Pärla Hair as a means to make money initially, but soon realized her affinity for bridal hairstyling. With determination and entrepreneurial spirit, she transitioned her business into education & the new Bridal Hair Club, focusing exclusively on wedding hair and teaching others.

Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

Starting her own business wasn’t without its challenges. Kira faced uncertainty and considered other job opportunities, but her passion for hairstyling and commitment to success kept her going. She embraced every opportunity, from her first wedding gig to expanding her clientele and skill set to growing a booming audience on social media.

Balancing Passion with Stability

Despite her entrepreneurial drive, Kira recognized the importance of stability. She secured a full-time job to support herself while building her business. This balance allowed her to pursue her passion without compromising financial security.

Parla Hair - Kira - Pärla Hair Ottawa Bridal Hair Stylist

Empowering Others through Education

Kira’s journey is not just about personal success; it’s also about empowering others. She not only provides exceptional hairstyling services but also shares her knowledge and expertise. By investing in education and mentorship, Kira uplifts aspiring hairstylists and contributes to the growth of the industry.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape

In today’s digital age, social media plays a significant role in business growth. Kira leverages platforms like Instagram to showcase her work, connect with clients, and stay relevant in a competitive market. She understands the importance of adapting to changing trends and technologies to stay ahead.

Building Relationships and Trust

For Kira, success isn’t just about skills; it’s also about building trust and relationships with clients. She values authenticity and strives to create meaningful connections with every bride she works with. By prioritizing client satisfaction and personalized service, Kira has earned a loyal following and positive reputation.

Overcoming Obstacles and Embracing Creativity

In the world of bridal hairstyling, challenges are inevitable. From last-minute changes to demanding schedules, Kira faces obstacles with resilience and creativity. She approaches each situation as an opportunity to showcase her skills and problem-solving abilities, ensuring a flawless experience for her clients.

Investing in Quality and Innovation

Quality is paramount for Kira, whether it’s the tools she uses or the services she provides. She invests in high-quality products and stays updated on the latest trends and techniques. By prioritizing innovation and excellence, Kira sets herself apart in the competitive wedding industry.

Kira’s journey from a salon focused hairstylist to a renowned bridal hairstylist is a testament to her passion, resilience, and dedication. Through hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence, she has carved a niche for herself in the wedding industry. As she continues to inspire others and push the boundaries of creativity, Kira’s legacy will undoubtedly endure in the hearts of brides and hairstylists alike.

Watch the full episode on our Youtube Channel.

Check out Kira’s website here with all her links to socials.

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