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episode 16 - pivot or not - bethany barrette luc barrette grey loft studio

December 2, 2020

Grey Loft Studio
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Pivot or not - Episode #16 - Path to Business Podcast - Bethany is joined by her husband Luc to chat all things pivot within the business. Grey Loft Studio - Ottawa Wedding Photographer & Videographer Team - couples poses - pink dress - posing styles - posing ideas


Pivot or Not this year has definitely challenged everyone to think about the word pivot when it comes to running your business. Luc joined me on the podcast to talk about how we are pivoting our business into 2021. We know that others are feeling like us, perhaps late to the pivot party of 2020. It almost feels like the only party that is happening in 2020, sadly. Understanding and action are very different things. The feeling overwhelms us about where to start can be such a struggle to get going. Trust us, you’re not alone and we are here to tell you that it’s not too late.

I think there are different levels or different ways of pivoting. It doesn’t mean that you’re completely letting go of your current business. One of the big misconceptions that people have is that when you start to pivot that means that you’re not doing your old business anymore. We want to make it very clear that that is not our intention. Acknowledging that 2020 almost robbed us in a way, of what we had planned and what we really wanted to achieve within our business. Memes that are going around where 2020 was supposed to be our year. Words that people were using when it came to 2020, that things were just going to be happening.

Out with the Old, Pivot or Not

Some of the processes that we’ve had to really internalize and digest are what we are sharing in this episode. Deep long-winded discussions about what it means for us to pivot. Our business is something we’ve worked extremely hard to create. To change your original plan can be met with some feelings of loss. So when you think of pivoting, it’s almost like admitting a sort of failure. But, but it’s not. So that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

Understand that it’s starting a new business and that’s kind of how we’ve been positioning it when we talk, but it really isn’t a new business. It’s is an extension of the business that you currently have. Pivot or not is really key when it comes to surviving in 2021. Reach out to those connections that you have made within your business. Your existing customers already trust you. Your biggest cheerleaders. Right. So try not to worry too, too much. Even though I know you are already.

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