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Sophie Branchaud - SAGE DESIGNS - Path To Business Podcast

November 19, 2020

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We met online 10 years ago, fell in love, 3 babies, lots of cameras, and here we are. Want to know more about our story? 
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Episode #15 - Starting a Floral & Design Business - Sophie Branchaud - Sage Designs - Ottawa Based Floral & Design Company - Ottawa Wedding Industry


Starting a Floral & Design Business can seem like an overwhelming business to start, however, Sophie and her team execute over 200 events each season. This business wasn’t handed to her and she had to go down an amazing path to get to where she is today. Being able to chat with other like-minded businesses has been a highlight of my 2020 year. This episode will leave you feeling very inspired. Careful thought processes and very well organized moving pieces are what make up the amazing team that Sophie has grown with the undoubting support of her husband.

Similar to other guests we’ve had on the podcast, including myself, Sophie set her sights to become a prestigious lawyer. Something about this profession screams success. Or so she thought. Realizations quickly became true that Lawyers didn’t quite have it all. At least not in the way she imagined it would be. Seeing this trend makes me wonder what kids learn in school to think that this is the career path for them. I know growing up I wanted to go to University and be the first to be a lawyer within our family. Understanding that needs to be what “society” perceives as successful can come at a much earlier age than one can imagine.

Starting a Floral & Design Business isn’t a Career that kids choose, but should!

Most likely you’ve seen the signs for back to school where kids say what they want to be when they grow up. Typically it’s they want to be a police officer, a doctor, or a lawyer. Not often do I see a designer. However, today I do see the term “YouTube” being used more often. Sophie offers up a fresh perspective. Traveling down a path that doesn’t lead exactly where you once thought it might be. Luckily, I think she’s found something much better and more suited to her beautiful soul.

Often we see that having children can often influence our careers in a way that perhaps we didn’t see coming. Had you asked either Sophie or me about this as a possible career path in our early 20’s we would most likely have laughed! Working alongside the Sage team is absolutely the best. We adore getting to work alongside a talented team. Who’s always do the best job for our clients. Great vendors always make it on our list for a reason.

Pick a Niche early on

Starting a Floral & Design Business is very intricate. One of the tips, if someone is thinking about starting a business, is to pick a niche. Figuring this out early on is something so important and something to consider. Suggestions are to become a business that offers clients one type of product to help keep costs down and to specialize. From experience, first-hand this works. Niche is something that I recommend to everyone. Never going to go wrong with picking something that’s different.

Huge thank you to Sophie for joining me on the podcast! Check out her info here: SAGE DESIGNS.

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