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Print your Photos in Ottawa – CTV Morning Live Segment

Printing your photos seems like an easy task until you realize that Ottawa has very few places with decent quality to print at. Luckily we have some experience with this and so we are sharing some fun and easy ways for you to print your photos easily from home or with a professional.

Bethany Barrette and Annette Goerner from CTV Morning Live TV Segment albums and printing photos live tv
Annette Goerner, Host of CTV Morning Live & Bethany Barrette of Grey Loft Studio Segment
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For a lot of families today, printing photos can seem somewhat daunting, so we decided to break down our favourite options when it comes to printing your Smart Phone photos and your Professional Photos that you have done with a professional portrait studio, such as Grey Loft Studio.

We love Blurb

We often get asked which is the best company for a consumer to print photos and by far we love Blurb the most. It’s got an option to simply make an album from your phone which we love for our favourite phone shots.

We have used it for larger albums as well and we especially love the lay-flat option because you don’t lose as many photos. We recommend once a year to make all your photos and print them in a book. It’s a great way for you to remember but also for the kids to look back on as they get older.

Costco Convenience

A lot of clients use Costco so it can be very convenient when it comes to picking up your prints when you pick up your household items. You can upload photos and create albums easily with pre-set layouts as well.

It’s great for gifts and for phone photos, but we recommend leaving the professional shots for a higher quality print such as the Lustre Prints. Make sure to click off the “auto-editing” feature as it can really change the photos.

Printing with a Professional

One of the things that clients don’t realize is how much work can go into printing just a single print, canvas, or album. Taking all the photos into photoshop to really adjust and enhance the photos and don’t forget resizing each one to make sure that the print quality is correct when it’s sent to the lab for printing.

Printing is definitely an art in itself and one that not as many appreciate today, but it really is wonderful to hang high-quality photos in your home for you to gaze at every time you walk by. Hearing from our clients how many compliments they get from the photos they printed and hung on the wall is truly what got us into the business.

If you want a truly custom experience to reach out to us and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Click the photo above to watch the full 5 min Segment on CTV’s website.

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