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Running a Husband & Wife Team

Running a Husband & Wife Team - Wedding Photographer &  Videographer Team - Building a business with your Spouse


Running a Husband & Wife Team has it challenges, but overall we wouldn’t change a thing. For the first time on the podcast I introduced Luc (my husband) and shared a little bit about us and how we work. This is us, a little bit of the story of how we got started working together. Asking Luc some questions completely on the spot. Friday morning, we sat down and just recorded this fun episode and chatted all about working as a team.

Luc and I started working together before we started working on the business together. We didn’t meet at work however, but I’ve been relying on Luc for help long before he joined me. Having a soft spot for working together since those days. Not only do we have a strong relationship, we have a strong belief in what we’re doing in the business.

Thrown into the Business by choice or by chance?

Often we joke that Luc was forced into working with me. Clearly Luc gives us bit more insight on how I pushed into the business. The story of how he was tossed a camera and told to just go for it. Teaching Luc is fun because he learns really fast, which makes me jealous sometimes. Figuring out settings and how things work isn’t a challenge for him. Understanding everything still takes me more time. We understand our strengths and weaknesses which really gives us a huge advantage.

Running a Husband & Wife Team - Wedding Photographer &  Videographer Team - Building a business with your Spouse

Running a Husband & Wife Team while building a Wedding Photography & Videography Business

Running a Husband & Wife Team is totally something we recommend doing if you balance each other out and both have a passion for what you do. Without the passion we wouldn’t be able to continue doing it. Put the business first when it comes to what’s best for it. We’re both really excited meeting our couples, working with them, and of course documenting them on the biggest day. This career brings us both of us a lot of joy and it doesn’t feel like a job we’ve ever done before. The more we put into this business the more we get out of it. Obsessed is how we describe our feelings towards running Grey Loft Studio together.

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