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Tremblant Village Engagement Photographer

Tremblant Village Engagement Photographer Session with Laurie & Colin during their winter holiday touring the village. It was such a beautiful week filled with little snowy days. Laurie and I were chatting on Instagram and she told me about her stay in the village. As this was a spot on my bucket list of locations I said, “I’d love to shoot a session there”. Not two seconds later Laurie said come! Our nanny was away visiting New York City and it was a week before Christmas, we had no plans, but also no childcare. After telling her this she said, well we have two extra rooms. Really!? Crazy I know.

Bring the whole Family to this Tremblant Village Engagement Photographer Session

So we packed up the whole family and went to Tremblant for 3 days. Of course, freezing cold the day of the shoot, but they carried on anyway. We played card games and drank and had the best time. How cool is that we were invited to hang with them and totally crash their winter vacation all in the name of photos! Talk about a dream come true. Note to anyone reading this, I will happily join you on vacation anytime to do photos.

Beaver Tails at your Winter Engagement

Without sounding too Canadian, if you are going to choose winter for your engagement session, you will need to get yourselves a Beaver Tail or two. Bonus if you get one for me too! Nothing really tastes like it and they are so delicious especially in the cold. If you are planning a Tremblant Village Engagement Photographer Session, make sure that you stop for a little treat along the way.

Keeping it super fun and real is truly our style. Luc had the kids and was going up and down in the snow with them, while I was posing Laurie and Colin. After the session, Laurie sat with me and helped me choose ALL the photos. She definitely had a hard time saying no. Which is a good thing but of course meant a bit more editing for me. Luckily I love these two! They brought us on vacation, so it’s the least we could do!

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