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February 2, 2024

Grey Loft Studio
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Path to Business Podcast: Episode #40 – Wedding Content Creator by Bethany and Luc Barrette from Grey Loft Studio, a wedding photographer & videographer husband and wife duo.


Rise of Wedding Content Creators in 2024: A Photographer and Videographer Perspective

Navigating the Trendy Terrain of Instant Wedding Content

In the ever-evolving landscape of wedding industry trends, one phenomenon has taken centre stage – the emergence of wedding content creators. As photographers and videographers, we’ve witnessed a surge in their presence, and today, we’ll delve into our thoughts on this growing trend, exploring its implications for the wedding industry in 2024 and beyond.

The Role of Wedding Content Creators

Capturing the Trend: From Phone to TikTok

Wedding content creators are individuals who seamlessly blend into the wedding scene, not just as spectators but as active contributors to the event’s narrative. Armed with smartphones, they craft trendy, instant content for platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Their nimble transitions and on-the-fly creations add a fresh and dynamic perspective to the traditional wedding documentation.

The Content Creator’s Dance

Guiding the Couple: Transitional Videos and Beyond

Beyond the surface level, a content creator’s role extends to guiding the couple in crafting captivating transitional videos. Imagine scenes where a kick in the air transforms outfits, or a playful jump becomes a costume change. These creative moments provide an additional layer of storytelling that complements the overall wedding narrative. Not to say that traditional wedding photographers and videographers couldn’t pull this off, but it’s just not the main focus of the day. They capture small 10-15 second clips of the day and photos on the phone. Uploading this content directly on your socials the same day or sending you all the RAW within 24-48 hours of the wedding.

Added Value or Additional Cost?

Instant Access Comes at a Price

The allure of instant gratification comes at a cost. While content creators add a dynamic element to the wedding, they also come with an additional expense. In our experience, we see them as an extra piece to the wedding puzzle, providing instant access to memorable moments, but at a price that reflects their unique contribution. From our research it seems that most reputable companies with experience are charging $1500 to $2000 for this service.

The Question of Replacement

Will Wedding Content Creators Replace Videographers?

The looming question in this era of smartphones and instant content creation is whether wedding content creators will replace traditional videographers. While phones can capture impressive footage, we believe videographers excel in preserving raw, candid moments that might be overlooked in the whirlwind of the day. It’s not about replacement but rather an expansion of the angles and perspectives captured during the wedding. We dive deeper into what content creators actually capture, but truth is they do not replace a wedding videographer.

The Happy Middle: A Collaborative Approach

Beyond Replacement: The Unique Role of Content Creators

Contrary to fears of obsolescence, we view wedding content creators as a happy middle ground. They offer a unique angle, capturing trendy moments and delivering instant access to the wedding day. They coexist with videographers & photographers, enriching the overall wedding experience by providing diverse perspectives and ensuring a blend of the traditional and the contemporary. It’s no secret we love to have fun at a wedding and this seems like the perfect opportunity to add in a little spice to the day.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of wedding content creation, it’s clear that content creators are not here to replace but to enhance the wedding storytelling experience. Embracing the collaborative approach of photographers, videographers, and content creators can result in a richer, more dynamic portrayal of a couple’s special day. The marriage of tradition and trendiness ensures that each wedding becomes a unique and unforgettable tale, shared instantly with the world.

Interested in chatting about what content creation we can create for you on your wedding day if you hire us? Reach out to us on our contact page to chat more about this option!

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