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Feeling Guilt about what you AREN’T doing?

I know you’ve probably heard this a million times, but I am going to say it again. Stop feeling guilt for the things that you aren’t doing and start appreciating the things you ARE doing. Path To Business Podcast - Bethany Barrette - Jenna Kutcher, Oprah,

June 17, 2020

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Feeling Guilt in your Business about what you AREN'T doing? Bethany Barrette tackles how to stop this guilt train and guides you on 3 easy ways to Kick Your own Butt into gear and make everyone else jealous of how much you are doing!


I know you’ve probably heard this a million times, but I am going to say it again. Stop feeling guilt for the things that you aren’t doing and start appreciating the things you ARE doing. Other entrepreneurs aren’t feeling like they are doing enough, especially when they see, what seems like EVERYONE else doing ALL the THINGS!

Everyone else isn’t doing it all, they are prioritizing

Let me tell you that they really aren’t doing all the things, they are just better at prioritizing.  Sure, what does that even mean. It means that they have spent some time doing things that make them look like they are doing ALL the THINGS. I’m telling you how you can do it all as well, even when you don’t think you can. Shifting your mindset about Feeling Guilt about what you AREN’t doing and do something about it.

Whenever I WANT to do something, it gets done, so that means you can too! Who really wants to sit down and update ALT tags on a website or Blog. If you do then well, good for you. I don’t wake up in the morning excited to write my next blog. Unless of course of it’s about my my dreamy couples swoon worthy wedding day.

Does this feeling ever really stop?

We do these things because we are playing the long game. You know the one where one day everything just starts to happen and people are begging to work with you. They want to be one of your clients and all you just have to do is exist. Actually, I don’t know if those days ever come, I mean how could they?

Do you think that the most successful people IE. the Jenna Kutchers, the Marie Forleos, the Oprahs, just sit back now? No, they can’t. Why? Because they’re hustlers. They want the next big thing and to hit the next big goal. 

Want to know something? You have that in you as well. You just haven’t mastered it yet. Heck, neither have I. What I have done though, is started. Guess what? That’s all you have to do too. Start today so that you can finally get off the Choo Choo train of comparison and hop in your fancy convertible with the top down and take off throwing dirt at everyone behind you. I want that Feeling Guilt about what you AREN’T doing to melt away.

Time to take out the Lists (the things you never do, but they keep you up at night)

Really, I want you to get out of the dirt you’re in now, and finally feel like you have achieved something that is worth while. Nothing feels better than checking things off that long list of stuff you keep piling on and on. The list where you write all these amazing ideas using Trello or papers but forget to EVER actually use those lists. I want you to tackle some of the most priority things that will help you feel like you accomplished something.

So what is it? Do you have some list with MUST DO whenever I have time? I want you to do them now. Why? Because it will make you feel a millions times better. Write down 3 things you want to knock off that list each week. I promise you 3 things seems like a A LOT right now, but if you are a go getter like me, you know that you can do those 3 things, IF you really want to. 

Time to get to work, for real.

First things first, let’s gather up all the lists.  Grab your old notebooks, papers, notes on your phone, conference booklets, and Trello lists. Figure out which items are needed to be done and block chunks in your calendar. Personally, I use an online one on my phone and it’s literally my life line. Totally lost is what I would be without my online calendar, but if you use paper and it works, use it.

It’s time to block off 1 hour a day for the next 2 weeks. That might seem like a lot, but trust me it works. Now write in the appointment exactly WHAT you are going to be doing. Don’t just write, because I know you will, Do Work, finish lists, etc. By writing fix ALT Tags on Homepage, update about me page, schedule new headshot session, write blog on the new guidelines for your business during Covid, sort out workflows, hire a VA by researching them. You get the just. This is how you stop feeling guilt about all the things you aren’t doing within your business.

But I have so many excuses why I can’t.

When I want to get something done, this is what I do. No time to scroll the gram’ even though I love to. Go see friends or watch TV, I can’t. I literally block the time where I know I can’t have anything else push it and make it happen. My reward is booking time with the people I need in my life and truly be present with them because I DID ALL the THINGS!

What’s really fun about doing this is you can actually share what you are doing on social if you really wanted to with people. You can snap a screenshot of your new About Me page or your newest blog. You can ask people for feedback. Now who looks like they’re doing ALL THE THINGS. 

When the FOMO (fear of missing out) is REAL

Another thing that would really get me feeling down about myself that I have changed now is collaborations. At times, I used to think well why didn’t so and so think of me for this? Well it’s because you haven’t even talked to that person for 3 months, you don’t comment or like any of their socials, and well let’s be real you didn’t even ask them to do something.

Talk about a hard reality when you have to face your FOMO, but when you really look at it, did you do the work to deserve being a part of something cool? Are you connecting with enough people regularly? If you’re not, perhaps as part of your list you need to set yourself a goal to comment and chat in the DM’s, go for coffee (socially distanced of course), and start making those plans?

Understanding your business is Knowing YOURSELF!

What am I, that sounds silly right? For instance, I really love details, being organized, laughing, and feeling like I am part of the family when I work with my clients. On a wedding day I am cool and calm and overly prepared with snacks and a detail kit.

Crying during the vows or speeches and laugh really hard when something is funny. Working my hardest on a wedding day and literally pack Tylenol because my back and feet will kill but that won’t stop me from running around to get that perfect shot. 

You may know that I pushed Luc into the business (hear all about this in my first episode here) but we work so well together. We love weddings so much they become like a fun date night for us. Seriously, no kids, doing what we love all day and hanging out with some amazing clients turned friends, who could ask for a better job. 

When I talk to clients about who I am I want them to know all that. They want to know all that. Butterflies come each time a bride walks down the aisle because I know how that moment feels. It’s something you just don’t forget, ever. Getting excited for them and I show this to my clients whenever possible.

Comparison Game – WIN or LOSE – you choose

Now I know that we are talking about comparison and what it does to us, but have you ever found that it motivated you in even the tiniest way? I mean nothing better than someone reminding you that you should be upping your game a little. Competition is competition but really the best person to be in competition with is yourself. 

Find your people, your crew, free your guilt

Your business won’t know what hit it when you start to build up a circle of amazing supportive entrepreneurs like yourself. They understand EVERYTHING. I mean everything. They know when you are busy and don’t talk to them for a month that you are just grinding.  Your crew will still be there when you need them and they are always ready to listen. I joined my local Rising Tide Society chapter in 2017, a free networking group of entrepreneurs who tackle big topics and help each other grow. Without this group and all the people I met I am not sure if my business would be anywhere close to what it is today. 

Find me on the ‘gram

If you aren’t already I hope you will follow me over on instagram @pathtobusinesspodcast and please please please connect with me. I want to hear. All about what lists you are tackling this week and how its makes you feel to prioritize what’s been keeping you up at night. See you next week as I release a new episode every Wednesday! 

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