Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding

November 30, 2021

Grey Loft Studio
We met online 10 years ago, fell in love, 3 babies, lots of cameras, and here we are. Want to know more about our story? 
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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding in November for Rebecca & Steve was absolutely beautiful. Words can’t truly describe what an incredible day we had with the entire family. So much love, laughter, and fun surrounded everyone. What an honour it was to witness such a spectacular day filled with some truly special moments. Highlights for me have to be seeing the grandparent’s. I know how much it meant to Rebecca to have 3 of them present at her wedding. Of course with all that’s been going on the fact that they were able to make it is amazing. I know that it was one of the things I wanted most was to have my grandma present at my wedding, so it holds a special place in my own heart for this moment for her.

Sugar Shack Getting Ready for the Boys at Temples

Steve and the guys had lots of fun getting ready for the day. Lots of laughs, funny moments and of course an overall great time. Groom prep tends to be really fun. A few cheers, gifts, and some funny unplanned moments when it comes to getting ready are the best. Things like buttons not working come to mind when it comes to guy prep.

First look at Temples Sugar Bush filled with Love

Whenever couples want to do a first look it truly is a wonderful thing to do on the day. You get to have a semi-private moment (I mean our team is present) but not the entire wedding can see it. It’s really nice for this moment to be documented in photo and video as you never know how they will go down. I think both of them were so excited and happy to see each other and things got very real when it did!

Indoor Ceremony at Temples Sugar Bush in November

Due to the cold it was only fitting that the ceremony be inside but we were fighting the sun setting at the same time. From the beginning to the end of the ceremony it was quite dark! It was emotional and funny all combined into one. It was truly magical and exciting to watch. Loved seeing all the colours and decor work together to bring Rebecca’s vision to life.