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Welcome to our blog, where we share recent weddings & sessions, our tips, and bits of our life. When we aren't photographing weddings, we're improving our home, hanging out with our kids, and dancing to music. We adore working with joyful couples in love, and can't wait to tell your story.

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Preparing for Wedding Season Photographer & Videographer
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Preparing for Wedding Season – Photo & Video

Preparing for Wedding Season Photographer & Videographer – it’s also about being mentally and physically prepared.

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Grey Loft Studio
We met online 10 years ago, fell in love, 3 babies, lots of cameras, and here we are. Want to know more about our story? 
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path to business podcast

The pursuit of the ideal client, the couple whose story resonates deeply with the photographer’s vision and style.

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Handling Friends & Family as an Entrepreneur

Handling Friends & Family as an Entrepreneur…Starting a business can be thrilling, but what happens when your closest circle doesn’t fully support your entrepreneurial journey?

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path to business podcast - having a backup plan as a wedding photographer

Backup plan as wedding photographer… is crucial. Weddings aren’t something we can call in sick for and miss.

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Important Questions to Ask your Wedding Photographer. Not sure where to start? We got you!

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Spring Wedding Temples Sugar Bush Mackenzie Colten Grey Loft Studio

Getting a Marriage Licence 101. Getting your marriage licence is an absolute necessary part of planning for your wedding (duh!), but for something so fundamental,

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wedding photography pricing -nac wedding with chateau laurier behind the couple

As you plan every detail, one crucial aspect to consider is capturing those priceless moments through photography. However, understanding wedding photography pricing in Ottawa can often feel like navigating a maze.

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72. Videographer vs Photographer - Who Should Make More?

While both professions hold undeniable significance in capturing the essence of a couple’s special day, there’s a growing sentiment that videographers should be esteemed and compensated more than their photographic counterparts.

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As photographers & videographers, finding compelling content to share can sometimes be challenging. Clients crave authenticity, a peek behind the curtain, understanding the intricacies of what goes into capturing their special moments.

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In the bustling world of events and celebrations, Catalina, the founder of MDRN Photo Booth, stands as a beacon of creativity and resilience.

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We’re husband and wife team, school of Youtube graduates, full-time wedding photographer and videographer and share all our best strategies & experiences that we’ve learned along the way.

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