Gabby & Nico’s Dream Wedding at Aquatopia

October 7, 2023

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Gabby & Nico’s Dream Wedding at Aquatopia in Carp.This was a day filled with deep love, from everyone in attendance, including myself. Every detail, from the vintage touches Gabby & Nico incorporated to the carefully curated playlist for their first dance, was meticulously thought out. Their wedding was not just a celebration but a day and night that will be talked about and cherished for years to come.

Meeting Gabby & Nico:

From my very first contact with Gabby on Instagram, I knew that capturing this special day was a must. When we met in person at the Ottawa Wedding Show, it was like fireworks. Gabby and Nico were not just excited about their big day; they were eager to take every piece of advice I offered and run with it. Their dedication and trust in the process made this day stress-free, and everyone played their roles beautifully.

The Boys and Mini-Sticks:
The groom and his boys had me in stitches with their heated and competitive mini-sticks game. It was a nostalgic reminder of school days, where the mantra was clear: if you’re not first, you’re definitely last.

The Gals:
On the other side, Gabby and her bridesmaids were equally on point. They were committed to getting every shot just right, even to the extent of improvising with empty champagne glasses. Their enthusiasm made the day even more memorable, and I couldn’t have asked for a better bridal party.

Pam and Paul Love:
Pam and Paul brought a unique vibe to the day, with Paul’s touching reaction during the reveal. Even a minor shirt and tie mixup couldn’t deter us from staying on schedule. It’s all part of the magic of a wedding day.

The First Look in Carp

Despite on-and-off rain, we decided to do the first look at the charming covered bridge. It turned out to be perfect. Nico’s emotional reaction and Gabby wiping his tears created a heartwarming moment. We even flew the drone for some breathtaking photos before heading to the ceremony, where Nico shared his excitement.

The Ceremony & Wedding:

The ceremony was a fulfillment of dreams, with emotions running high, tears, laughter, and an epic exit and dip kiss. Nico’s reaction to seeing Gabby paired with the music they chose even had me feeling emotional. I felt like every second was so special and emotional. Q-tips definitely were used to wipe many tears. I might have some peculiar instructions, like perfecting the feet placement for the first kiss, but it’s all in pursuit of that perfect shot. I wanted to ensure perfection at this Aquatopia Wedding.

Sunset Magic:

Post-rain sunsets are always a sight to behold. A less-than-stellar rainbow didn’t dampen the magic of the warm, glowing sun during our sunset photoshoot. The beauty of the moment left everyone captivated, making my work even more exciting for this Carp Wedding.

Dancing the Night Away Love:

I have a little secret – I encourage dancing, even without music. Everyone, from the bridal party to the parents, embraced the fun, and we popped champagne to kick off the celebration. DJ Mehsum took the party to a whole new level with his epic mixing and a dazzling light show. It felt like we were in a nightclub, which, for me, is pure bliss when great house music fills the air. Since we live just 5 minutes away in Carp, I went home to change, grabbed my husband Luc, and returned to dance the night away. I couldn’t help myself but record some of the dance floor with my phone. Nico at one point came over to me and said “get ready to record this”. All the boys got on the dance floor, tapping the ground, and jumped into the air with shirts undone and coming off. Before I knew it Gabby and Nico were on shoulders and kissing. It was pure bliss.

I wanted to document this memorable day in a way that would ensure I never forget it. This blog post felt like the perfect place to do so. I’m grateful to my incredible couple and everyone who was part of this magical day. Gabby’s heartfelt thanks at the end was the icing on the cake. To everyone who trusted me and embraced my creative ideas, I love you all!

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Vendor Team:
Venue: Aquatopia Water Garden Conservatory
Photo & Video: Grey Loft Studio
Dress: Made with Love Bridal
Suit: Jimmy Suits
Hair: Topknot
Makeup: Rebecca Rose Beauty
DJ: Messemup Beats
Neon Sign: NeonArtCraft

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