Top 10 Wedding Dress Moments of 2023

December 22, 2023

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For years, I’ve been hankering to put together a collection of my favourite wedding moments, and lo and behold, 2023 has finally made that wish come true. In the vast sea of captured beauty throughout the year, there are often gems that go unnoticed. This year, my mission is to shed light on the most stunning dresses, unique details, breathtaking sunset shots, creative snapshots, humorous moments, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into the Grey Loft Studio team.

The year 2023 graced us with an abundance of breathtaking wedding dress moments, and narrowing them down to a top 10 was no easy feat. Each dress my clients chose was a masterpiece, but here are my standout favourites, the cream of the crop for 2023, marking the beginning of a series of curated highlights for the season.

Allie’s Allure: Allie’s dress garnered admiration from many, and rightfully so. Her confidence and modeling prowess made every shot a masterpiece. Witnessing her trust in my vision resulted in a treasure trove of stunning photographs. Her dress is from With Love Bridal.

Brianna’s Bliss: Brianna’s infectious smile stole the show, complemented perfectly by her impeccable dress. The pearl-studded veil, a recurring favourite of the year, added an extra layer of charm, leaving an indelible mark on 2023. Her dress is from Revelle Bridal.

Rainy Romance with Carolyn: Despite a rainy day, Carolyn’s lace-adorned dress and her unwavering focus on marrying her best friend created magical moments. Capturing the beauty of fog in the mountains at Le Belvedere added an ethereal touch to her special day. Her dress is from Helen’s Bridal.

Gabby’s Customized Magic: Gabby, in her customized dress, experienced a magical moment during sunset photos. Her reaction to the veil shots was pure joy, making the day unforgettable for everyone involved. Dress is from Never Knew I Needed & Made with Love. Check out more photos from this day on the blog here.

Cherry Blossom Elegance with Lisa: Anticipation surrounded Lisa’s dress, but the unexpected synergy with cherry blossoms elevated the visuals to unparalleled heights. Hanging the dress in this breathtaking setting was a stroke of serendipity. Her dress is from Monique Lhuillier.

Mackenzie’s Joyous Journey: Mackenzie and her vibrant gown brought an abundance of joy to the day. Her enthusiastic approach, coupled with fun inspiration photos, resulted in a lighthearted photoshoot, snakes in the bush notwithstanding. Her dress is from With Love Bridal. Check out more from this lovely day here.

Mahsa’s Visionary Confidence: Despite concerns about a scorching day, Mahsa stuck to her vision for her look, and the outcome was pure happiness. Sweaty but elated, Mahsa’s experience proves that staying true to one’s vision reaps rewards! Her dress is from Ivoire Collection.

Shirley’s Playful Elegance: Belle of the ball Shirley, with pockets and a daring slit, embraced all the creative ideas with open arms. Her adventurous spirit allowed us to explore new realms of fun, making the photoshoot a true celebration. Her dress is from Ferresposa. Check out more from this magical day on the blog here.

Sophie’s Style Extravaganza: Stylish Sophie dazzled in not one but three exquisite gowns. Her dresses perfectly matched her boundless energy, creating an atmosphere of style and laughter throughout the day! Not sure we will ever forget her wearing a flower girl dress, or that’s what Luc thought it was! Her dresses were from With Love Bridal from Martina Liana. To see more from this beautiful day, check out the blog here.

Victoria’s Bow-tiful Affair: Sweet Victoria, with bows adorning her dress, brought a touch of simplicity and uniqueness. Her dress transitioned seamlessly from elegance to party mode, setting the stage for a dance floor extravaganza. Her dress is from With Love Bridal. Check out more from this beautiful day on the blog here.

As we bid farewell to 2023, these wedding dress moments stand as timeless testaments to love, style, and the magic of capturing unforgettable memories. Here’s to more bows, more laughter, and countless magical moments in 2024.

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