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Watson’s Mill Engagement Session Manotick

Watson’s Mill Engagement Session Manotick with Carley & Tyler during a beautiful summer evening. Can’t forget about Hank, he had so much energy and razor-sharp puppy teeth that kept these two on their toes. Following Hank on Instagram, because he’s so adorable, I promise. This location was on our bucket list as we’ve shot lots of family sessions at this spot, but never an engagement session. Next year we will have to come up with a whole new list of spots to do photos as pretty much all the spots have been done!

What’s your love story!?

“Tyler and I went to the same high school, he is a year older than me. We knew of each other, however, we were never introduced until 5 years after graduation. We have lots of mutual friends but our paths never crossed. Tyler lived in Hamilton for university and then lived in Korea teaching English. My good friend Kim started dating Tyler’s best man Mike, and the night we met he was waiting for Mike to arrive to be his beer pong partner.”

“Our first conversation was short “you’re friends with Kim right? Do you know when she and Mike are arriving?” I was immediately attracted to him but our conversation quickly ended. It was later that night I saw him playing guitar and I knew I had to continue talking to him, we ended up chatting all night and the rest is history. Just to make sure it wasn’t just our beer goggles on, we ended up going on a date the next day, and since then we haven’t gone a day without speaking!”

When and how did you get engaged?

“We got engaged on September 15, 2019. Tyler and I went on a hike in Gatineau Park on King mountain. We’ve been to that lookout spot before and loved the view! Once we got to the lookout point, Tyler quickly suggested asking someone to take our photo. As we were posing for our photo he got down on one knee and proposed. We were lucky enough to have a young woman take 30+ shots of the moment even when she had no idea it was going to happen!”

Watson’s Mill Engagement Session Manotick

As an Ottawa Wedding Photographer I am always on the search for different spots and ideas, but of course always following the light. What I see sometimes and what clients see are two different things. So important for couples to have complete trust in the process so that they can get photos like these. Carley’s laugh is so contagious and her little laugh had me smiling the whole time. Definitely going to need to invest in some botox from all this laughter and love I have following my dreams.

Are you interested in doing engagement photos of your own? We would love to capture you and the love of your life and feature you on our blog! Learn more about us HERE.

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