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Go Clean Co Interview Part 2

sarah go clean co cleaning with bleach bottle on the floor

March 25, 2021

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Go Clean Co - Path to Business Podcast -Sarah McAllister - Cleaning Army interview podcast episode #2.


Go Clean Co Interview Part 2 where Sarah joins Bethany for the second episode about growing her business. The approach that Sarah takes when it comes to growing her business is pure gold. Her vision of what and what she’s been able to do in such a short amount of time is inspiring. The candid approach she takes to influencing and her digital growth is raw and real.

Tips for people who want to become Go Clean Co

The main advice that she gives is that you need to give more than you receive. If you want to see your business grow, you need to do things that align with you. Alignment with core values, building Sarah’s business with a fall-forward approach is a pure win. Fear of failure isn’t something that she lets get to her. People are living better, cleaner lives because of the work she does and that is important.

Sarah McAllister from Go Clean Co - Learn to clean SMART. 
Podcast interview on Path to Business.

Following others, what about Mrs. Hinch?

I started following Mrs. Hinch and quickly became obsessed and perhaps is why Go Clean Co felt like Christmas day to me when I stumbled upon it! As much as I still love a good “Hinch” hack, it wasn’t the same cleaning products. It never felt the same. I wasn’t sure if I could ask her about other people who do what she does, but she did! She follows and adores Mrs. Hinch. Who couldn’t, she’s the sweetest and so real. Also, very funny just like Sarah. Scrubbing toilets and seeing gross things makes you want to laugh or cry right?

Mrs Hinch, UK version of the famous Go Clean Co - Her famous Grey & White Kitchen

Rapid Fire Questions for Co Clean Co Interview Part 2

As I was preparing for the interview I decided to ask some of the #cleaningarmy members what questions they would LOVE to have answered by her. I added a few of my own of course. This was by far my favourite part because she tells us what she would choose if she could only pick one cleaning product. If she was stuck on a desert island all she would bring for cleaning was her vacuum, bleach, & tide of course.

We touched on if she should franchise or not which is something she recently announced she isn’t doing at this time due to logistics, legal, etc. Capacity and where she wants to bring her business isn’t the right decision now, but she is doing a Go Clean Co Approved as a directory. This is a tool that followers can use to find local approved cleaners who use the Go Clean Co Method and have been certified with Sarah’s team.

Cleaning Army Handbook - Laundry Guide - Sarah McAllister from Go Clean Co - Learn to clean SMART. 
Podcast interview on Path to Business.

Favourite Business Tools

The top tool Sarah loves to use at the moment is Asana to organize her business. She also has a group chat with her staff whenever they need help with things. Her team also gathers a lot of content to help grow her business. Being able to share content is half the battle and Sarah is not shy to admit that it’s not hard. However, she’s hired someone internal to help with social media as it made the most sense for her business. Having someone who is purely focused on growing the social aspect of any business is definitely invaluable.

What’s the Biggest Change that Fame has brought to her Family

Whenever I dream I wonder about what would change when it comes to my family life if I had overnight growth like Sarah. In the Go Clean Co Interview Part 2, Sarah shares a very real, raw, part that related to me personally. She was not sure what the pandemic would do to her business. Sarah was also calling her bank to look for a deferral on her mortgage. Unsure of what would happen. Just like everyone else and instead of sitting in the suck, she just got busy. She created content and figured out back up plans.

Sarah McAllister from Go Clean Co - Learn to clean SMART. 
Podcast interview on Path to Business.

All the success has brought her so much joy. Her family supports her and isn’t surprised she’s gotten to where she is. Sarah works hard and is always trying to be the best at what she does. If she doesn’t she finds someone who is and she never forgets where she came from. She has big dreams and this is just the beginning of her journey.

I am thrilled to be able to bring you this content and I can’t wait to watch Sarah grow and hopefully have her back on the podcast again in a year or so to see how much further she’s been able to go!

Sarah McAllister from Go Clean Co - Learn to clean SMART. 
Podcast interview on Path to Business.

Want to get your hands on her Cleaning Handbook? CLICK HERE.

Make sure you follow her on Instagram HERE.

Check out Path to Business and who Bethany & Luc Barrette are HERE.

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