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Unrealized Transferable Skills

Path to Business Podcast - Episode #5 - Unrealized Transferable Skills - Amy Haggerty - Keller Williams Integrity Realty Brokerage - Stittsville - Ottawa - Realtor Story -  Bethany Barrette - Grey Loft Studio


When you dream about what you want to be when you grow up it can be tricky to completely switch gears, but unrealized transferable skills are what has made Amy Haggerty so successful. I first met Amy in real life at a mom’s wine group I organized before I even had kids. We had just moved into a new subdivision and I didn’t know anyone. Putting a call out on Facebook was my way of trying to connect with others in the community and it completely worked.

Power of Connection

Looking back it’s funny that we met this way, but from the very beginning Amy was extremely thoughtful, funny, organized. At the time I didn’t quite know how she did it and even now I wonder, but I feel like we’ve always had this trait in common. Amy was the first to give me some old pregnancy books and she answered all my silly questions about kids and working. Looking up to her was the best thing I could have ever done as she has always been available to me not only in her business, but a friend.

Best Advice is from someone who’s seen it all

Somethings you just never forget and I swear I could write a funny coincidences book all about our relationship. Amy is always available for my many questions and offering all kinds of sound advice. Selling or buying a home is one of the biggest most stressful situations I have ever been in. She would take my texts, calls, emails and somehow make sense of it all. She’s a saint!

However, Amy is also a police officer part-time and whenever I have been purchasing or selling, somehow I’ve needed her police advice also. Unrealized transferable skills are what has made Amy so trusted within the community and in her policing community.

Buy us a coffee and we could tell you the stories, but really what is transferable is that Amy has a super keen sense of people. She can assess a situation faster than anyone and she truly knows the ins and outs of her business. The skills needed for being a police officer and also selling homes is something I would have never thought would make sense. Her situation it’s been a huge factor in her success.

Building trust, Building long Lasting Friendships

One thing that Amy has always done well is shown how appreciative she is to her clients. It’s what I feel has truly propelled her above the rest. From the second you talk to her you know she’s such a kind and caring person, is her ability to always thank everyone each year. Through her generosity and kindness she has grown an amazing relationship with her people. People who will forever buy and sell with her time and time again.

If you would like to get in touch with Amy about buying or selling your home, please DO NOT HESITATE!

Cell: 613.612.5009 Email: amy@haggerty.ca

If you want to check out our first episode, CLICK HERE.

Path to Business Podcast - Episode #5 - Unrealized Transferable Skills - Amy Haggerty - Keller Williams Integrity Realty Brokerage - Stittsville - Ottawa - Realtor Story -  Bethany Barrette - Grey Loft Studio

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