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December 26, 2023

Grey Loft Studio
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Capturing Love in the Capital: by Grey Loft Studio, Ottawa Wedding Photographer. I’m beyond excited to share the most unforgettable and creative portraits from the weddings I had the honour of capturing in 2023. Get ready to be swept off your feet as we dive into a visual journey filled with love, laughter, and breathtaking moments.

  1. Magical Moments in Ottawa’s Landmarks:
    One of the highlights of the year was photographing couples against the stunning backdrop of Ottawa’s iconic landmarks. From romantic shots near Parliament Hill to intimate moments by the Rideau Canal, these portraits perfectly capture the essence of love in our beautiful capital city. Major’s Hill Park is definitely my go to when it comes to capturing the beauty of Ottawa.

    Alexandra and Colin had a rainy downtown day but you wouldn’t know from all of the beauty that was captured at their NAC Wedding.

Kaitlin and Simon brought all the fun on this beautiful and sunny May wedding date at the lovely Lago Bar & Grill. Bringing the confetti canons was definitely a highlight plus all the beauty sunshine.

I loved this moment so much, this was inspired by a TikTok with her running in her dress and all these girls started running with her. So fun.

When Amanda and Mark we’re chatting about where to do sunset portraits the idea of Petrie Island came up and I was so excited. I’ve never done wedding portraits on a beach. It was so fun and definitely a highlight of the season.

These confetti poppers are also my fave! How fun is this photo!!

The next two photos are from my lens fogging up, I just kind of loved how retro they looked and felt.

I really adore how sweet Kristin looks in this photo. This brisk November wedding was so fun and she braved it in open toed shoes.

Rochelle and Jacob, I feel like I just haven’t done this day enough justice, but it was such a fun day through and through.

These direct flash shots are so fun and vibey.

Fan fave of the tossing in the air.

Oh Jacob, had everyone crying with him.

  1. Nature’s Embrace:
    For those couples who wanted to bring the outdoors into their wedding photos, we ventured into Ottawa’s lush green spaces. The vibrant colours of Dow’s Lake and the tranquillity of Gatineau Park provided the perfect canvas for creating timeless images that celebrate the harmony between love and nature.

    Our team also took some beautiful shots this year, I did the details, but this next wedding for Brittany & Bob was taking by the Grey Loft Studio Team. So proud of all the work they did this season.

Gabby and Nico had one of those days that is hard to put into words. If you want to see more of what I mean take a look at the blog here.

These mini-sticks will go down in history for sure. Such a fun moment to capture.

This walking away shot I just really love. It’s perhaps how I felt in this moment when the sun came out just in time for portraits after raining so hard, but it just truly brings me back to the moement.

This isn’t like my normal edits, but with this cotton candy sky I had to capture it as it looked and not in my style. I love the warmth and the tones in this photo and always strive to get shots like this whenever I can.

  1. Urban Elegance:
    Ottawa’s urban landscape offers a unique and sophisticated backdrop for wedding portraits. From the historic streets of the ByWard Market to the modern vibes of Lansdowne Park, these urban settings allowed me to capture couples in a chic and stylish atmosphere.

Maggie & Dylan shared the same day with Gabby & Nico with so much rain, but still this gallery is just so magical. I especially love this photo of her reading her letter taken by Luc.

This cotton candy sky with the ceremony house in at the lovely Stonefields.

Nothing beats this magical sunset for Jess & Jerret. Capturing your best friends wedding is such a fun experience. I love when clients become friends but capturing your real friends and seeing the whole family you grew up around is a top highlight from 2023.

Corey & Derek will go down as the longest clients we’ve ever had as they originally we’re supposed to get married in 2020. However, we all know how that went.

Janika & Joel had the sweetest backyard wedding and I loved the touch of the bouquets in the boots.

This invite was also so unique and so fitting. I just love Janika’s attention to detail.

This dress shot through the window with the reflection was so fun too.

This little man stole the show. How stinking cute is he!?

Kerri & Cuyler had such a fun day. I’ve never laughed as hard as I did. Seeing this family again this year was so much fun!

Samira and Camille had a snowy March Wedding and when it started to snow I asked them to run out with me.

I could write more here about the lovely Hannah & Braden, but it’s probably worth a read over on the blog here. The stunning Hannah was truly glowing this entire day.

Above, I just can’t.

These two were totally pooped when it came time to do sunset photos. However, they pushed through and we got the most magical photos. I’m so glad they trusted in me at this moment because it was so worth it!

  1. Candid Bliss:
    Some of the most cherished moments are the candid ones – those spontaneous expressions of joy, laughter, and love. I made it my mission to capture these genuine moments throughout the wedding day, ensuring that each photograph tells a story of authentic emotion and connection.

Oh boy this was a beautiful day. Connor was so emotional and it made everyone else lose it. But feel free to see more on the blog here.

This trend was a fan fave and I really love how they turn out.

Lauren was down for anything and I’m slightly obsessed with her portraits. I mean how can I not be!

  1. Romance in Every Detail:
    It’s the little things that make each wedding unique. Whether it’s a stolen glance, a gentle touch, or the intricate details of a carefully planned wedding, I focused on capturing the romance in every aspect. These close-up shots highlight the beauty of the couple’s connection and the thoughtfulness that goes into creating a memorable wedding day.

    Melissa & Ryan had a lot of fun, the car photos are definitely a fave of mine. I wasn’t sure how to incorporate them in but these two were into any idea I threw at them.

Louisa and Brandon has the most beautiful day filled with so much love. Everyone around them just cared so much and it was so lovely to witness. They truly have such amazing family’s.

Mahsa & Mus had such a fun day, from the amazing details to the fun champagne photos, we had a blast and we sweat about 20 litres of water.

This first dance was one to remember, I actually got so emotional! It was so well choreographed.

This drone shot, so iconic.

The smile on Carolyn’s face even though it’s pouring rain is everything.

This one I know you’ve seen before, but wow! Talk about on top of the clouds.

And there you have it, a glimpse into the enchanting world of weddings through my lens in 2023. As your dedicated Ottawa Wedding Photographer, it’s been an absolute joy to be part of these special moments and freeze them in time for you to cherish forever. If you’re planning your big day in Ottawa, let’s connect and create magical memories together!

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