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Erica Irwin Wedding Planner Ottawa - Nature Museum - Wedecor Florals and Design - Grey Loft Studio

June 24, 2020

Grey Loft Studio
We met online 10 years ago, fell in love, 3 babies, lots of cameras, and here we are. Want to know more about our story? 
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Path to Business Podcast - Episode #8 - Executive Wedding Planner on the Go - Erica Irwin Wedding Planner Ottawa - Grey Loft Studio


If you’re planning a wedding you’ll want to reach out to Erica, she’s what I call the Executive Wedding Planner on the go. She’s always organized and knows how things are going to play out. Managing a busy household and a full planning business is something that I truly admire about Erica. Whilst I have first hand experience when it comes to raising children, Erica has been doing this long before I was in business. Erica is always smiling and an ability to make everyone feel comfortable.

Erica Irwin - Wedding Planner Ottawa - Getting the Ring Bearer Down the Aisle - Grey Loft Studio
Erica making sure this little guy got down the aisle ok!

Finding your “Work Friends” as an entrepreneur

Luckily I have been able to work with Erica a few times and we have some super funny stories to share. Finding someone that you mesh well with in the industry isn’t easy. When you do those wedding days fall together flawlessly. What’s really fun is getting timelines just right and saving time for all the details. Sometimes it can be tricky to express to a client how important those parts are. Having both your photographer & planner saying it helps!

Erica Irwin - Wedding Planner - Ottawa Wedding - Nature Museum -  Grey Loft Studio
What you don’t know is that Erica brought these from the reception to ‘bulk’ up the ceremony space from two floors up just minutes before we arrived.

Understanding the niche of clients you attract

Interestingly Erica kind of stumbled into wedding planning. Hearing her story of how she discovered it almost by accident. Often I talk about how skills from one job to another can be very transferable. It surprised me when Erica was in the executive technology world before. Thinking about it you may not think that they would be helpful, but in Erica’s experience, she’s been able to relate to her clients. Understanding your clients and the needs they have is very helpful. Since she was a top-level executive she attracts these clients which are ideal for her. As a top-level executive you don’t have time to plan a wedding, that’s where she comes in!

Erica Irwin Wedding Planner Ottawa - Backyard Tent Wedding Ottawa - Beautiful Design and Florals - Execute Wedding Planner - Grey Loft Studio

Knowing your clients and their lifestyle can be such a unique way of finding clients. Understanding how limited the time they have to make decisions. I know in my experience that having a planner takes the guesswork on what you need and don’t need on your day. They make sure everyone arrives on time or early. As a type-A person, I feel more relaxed knowing that someone is doing that all for my clients. You can also find Erica on our list of recommended vendors HERE.

Executive Wedding Planner on the Go

This title really sits well and genuinely describes what being Executive Wedding Planner on the Go is like for some clients. After all the wedding days we’ve been a part of, the ones where a planner is involved is smoother. Not to say that if you don’t have one the days may be any less but when you have a lot of moving pieces it really helps. 

Erica Irwin & Bethany Barrette - Wedding Day - Backyard Wedding - Rainy
Erica and I – Sweaty, Hot, and Muddy – You’ll need to buy us a glass of wine for this epic wedding day!

If you want to chat more with Erica, check out her website HERE.

You can also find her on instagram HERE.

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